My OC Toddler

I love how LC can keep himself clean. Most of the time, he can eat ice cream without getting any of it on his face and hands. If he does, he’ll wipe himself with napkin or ask assistance to wash them off.

But sometimes, I hate how particularly clean he wants himself to be. Sometimes I wish he is that regular i-love-getting-dirty kid. You see, he doesn’t like paint, glue and icky stuff on his skin. He wants to wash them off upon seeing even a teeny-weeny touch his skin.

Back then I was very excited and pumped up to give him paint, clay and all those artsy stuff. Then slowly I went from “Look LC! Wow! Let’s paint!!! Let’s mold clay!!!” to “O sige, crayons nalang ulit…” Why? It’s because everytime we do something with paint and glue, our activity will be welcomed with a blank face (or was it fear?) and then heavily peppered with “Mama, wash!” and “Dirty!!!”

Then there were times when we were in the outdoor playground. He would suddenly run and pick up trash with his bare hands and then throw them in the garbage bin. I know it’s the litterbugs I really have to hate, but still… Fortunately (unfortunately rather!), we haven’t been going to an outdoor playground anymore.

Recently, I am reminded how he loves to clean his surroundings.

One afternoon I made him practice his eye-hand coordination. I gave him two containers. One container was half-filled with water, the other empty. He’s supposed to transfer all the water from one container to another. I already expected he would spill some water. But, I never expected he’d clean the mess with a mop.

LC mopping his own mess

Naturally, he made more mess from it.

Oh well… Cleanliness is next to Godliness. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “My OC Toddler

  1. rache, maia used to be super OC too (she hates the feel of sand on her feet, or the feel of some liquid on her skin pag natuluan she’d literally freeze till someone wipes the liquid off her skin) but she has since mellowed down. minsan she forgets na that she doesn’t have her slippers on but would instinctively run outside of the house to chase cats or butterflies. pag madumi na paa she’d still complain but at least for a brief moment, nag enjoy na. hihi. maybe it’s just a phase. let’s hope πŸ™‚

    • LC doesn’t like sand too! pero noon yun. πŸ™‚ i blogged about it recently – building sand castles. i’m really happy he’s walking on and playing with sand already.

      sana nga this is just a phase para next time ang post ko na will be happy finger painting, hand printing at iba pang art activities. we did the hand printing before. nagawa naman pero naku, LC’s face looked like he’s going to be sick! hay. really looking forward to the day he’ll overcome this phase. thanks for sharing about maia. πŸ™‚

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