Mama’s Little Helper – Sitaw Cutter

I don’t mind if the cuts are uneven.

Seeing him enjoy cutting sitaw (long beans) makes up for it. 😉


But how I wish the joy he has with cutting sitaw translates to him actually eating them…
UPDATE (July 2014): Our little boy now happily eats sitaw, baguio beans and pechay too! 🙂


A Monster Plate for The Little Picky Monster

LC is still a picky eater. I first blogged about it November last year. Recently, I have resigned that he’s just like the many picky eaters out there. Telling a 2 year old nutrition facts – how veggies and greens will make him brighter, stronger and taller – is like giving him a Stock Market 101. Why did I even insist that LC would hear that kind of reasoning?

So my effort to make him eat healthy is now focused on giving him interestingly plated meals. My first attempt is a cute as a monster plate.

Malunggay omelet triangles for horns, fried rice with carrots, broccoli and more of the omelet for the eyes and nose, and ketchup for that luscious lips.

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The T-Shirt Project

No, I’m not into a sewing project yet. It’s LC. We are teaching him to put on his t-shirt – sando (sleeveless shirt) actually most of the time. This is one of his practical lessons for several weeks now.

So far, he can already get his head and right arm through the right holes. There are still a lot of times he can’t distinguish which parts goes through where but, usually it’s getting his left arm through that challenges him the most. Like in this instance, his head and his left arm are in the same hole.

Sometimes I just watch and wait if he can figure it out by himself. But more often, I have to help him especially when it becomes frustrating for him.

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Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle / I want to ride my bike / I want to ride my bicycle / I want to ride it where I like

If LC knew Queen’s Bicycle Race, that must probably be the song playing in his mind when he saw his very own bike.

Yes! We bought him a bike.

I did mention in a previous post that we were undecided on what to get him on December. But seeing the bike offered to us at a measly Php 500(!!!), we couldn’t resist buying it. The bike was in a very good condition. The seat, the handle bars’ rubber padding and (amazingly?!!) the wheels barely show any wear. No evident major dents, scratches and the likes. It feels, looks and weighs it’s made of good quality – not alloy-made ;p but the good heavy kind of quality. So we bought the bike even if there’s no special reason to give the little guy a gift. And we bought the bike even if it was a tad big for him.

LC was sleeping on his car seat when we got the bike. But when he woke up and saw it at the back of our car, his eyes lit up and was smiling from ear to ear. He couldn’t stop talking about it as we went home. He kept saying something along the lines of, “Bike! (LC)’s bike! Home, tapos bike!”

True enough when we got home, riding the bike was the first thing he demanded and did.

It was also the first thing he did after waking up and eating breakfast the next day. The bike had to be taken out of the house though since he wanted it to be visible indoors from where we slept. It was a bit heavy for him, but there’s nothing more important that he couldn’t wait for someone else to take it out. There’s also nothing heavy enough for him who wants to ride the bike.

The night before this, he kept practicing how to mount the bike. The overnight practice was adequate. He can already get on and off the bike all by himself.

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LC and The Donut Factory

There are a few things Little Cat would dive his hands into at any given time. These are cheese, peanut butter, Stick-O and the latest one, donuts! He’s already familiar with the logos of Dunkin’ Donuts and Happy-Haus Donuts, so whenever he sees one of them he’ll call my attention like he found a long lost treasure. Then he’ll incessantly chant “Du-nat! Du-nat! Du-nat!”

Most of the time I let myself be bullied into buying him one donut or 4 munchkins. He always chooses the rich chocolate slathered ones or those with colorful sprinkles. Sugar alert, I know. I wanted to feel better about giving into his donut fix so I asked my mother-in-law for her homemade-goodness donut recipe.

Yesterday, LC and I made our pilot run of our very own donut factory.

Here he is mixing the batter with our technologically advanced mixer on a very sosy non-slip mat. ;p

Then he assisted me with the flour.

There were spills. I expected that. No worries for there will be a lot of room for practice. I strongly feel we’ll have a regular donut production in the coming days. 😉

Moving on,

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Book Review: Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong ni Virgilio S. Almario

Now I know why the version of the ant and grasshopper fable by Virgilio S. Almario and published by Adarna House is well recommended by some parents. This book is currently in LC’s activity corner and his most chosen book among the lot so I thought of giving it a review.

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong. Muling isinilaysay ni Virgilio S. Almario. Iginuhit ni Renato Gamos. Inilimbag ng Adarna House

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong. Muling isinilaysay ni Virgilio S. Almario. Iginuhit ni Renato Gamos. Inilimbag ng Adarna House

It starts out just like the other ant and grasshopper stories by describing the two characters.

Ito si masipag na Langgam.

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong ni Virgilio S. Almario mula sa Adarna House

Ito naman si makulit na Tipaklong.

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong ni Virgilio S. Almario mula sa Adarna House

Then it rains. That’s when the story takes a different twist.

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Making Room for Reading

I have purged Little CAT’s book collection. It may be contradictory for the purpose, but I did it to get LC back to reading again and to reading new books.

When LC was born, I envisioned him growing up to love reading and learning. So at 5 months old we started reading him books regularly. We read to him several times and at anytime of the day. We read to him animatedly, with voice intonations, hand gestures and that kind of pizzaz. He embraced and loved the experience. A lot of times he’d wake up, pick a book by our bedside and demands to be read to even if Hubby and I were still sleeping. Afternoons would come past with us reading books the whole while. Evenings were a struggle between reading the same book for the nth time and finally sleeping. It was me and hubby who used to give up from all the reading. I blogged once about our “reading marathons” here.

Seeing how LC has come to love reading was very encouraging for us. So from 3 books gifted to him since he was born, his collection grew.

Book collection by the bedside

And grew.

As LC collection of books grew, we moved them to their own proper place.

And grew even more.

This was LC’s corner when we were newly settled in our apartment. Books occupied most of the bookshelves lain on their sides and stacked upon the other.

There are more of his books in a separate storage, but the ones in these pictures are the ones he has ready access. Most of the books stored were books he has outgrown and books reserved when he’s old enough to appreciate them.

I have to admit that for a time, I was already hoarding. One apparent instance was when I came home from last year’s Manila International Book Fair.

The mere sight and feel of books gave me pleasure. There’s also a part of me that felt I was in some sort of the-child-with-the-biggest-personal-library competition. I felt having a lot of books will prove something. Something like, “Look here! My very young child is sooo into books.” Or something like, “Baseline for a young book reader? That will be my son.”

Well, modesty aside it could have been true for us in the beginning. BUT unfortunately, it came to a point when it was all just for a show.

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