LC and The Donut Factory

There are a few things Little Cat would dive his hands into at any given time. These are cheese, peanut butter, Stick-O and the latest one, donuts! He’s already familiar with the logos of Dunkin’ Donuts and Happy-Haus Donuts, so whenever he sees one of them he’ll call my attention like he found a long lost treasure. Then he’ll incessantly chant “Du-nat! Du-nat! Du-nat!”

Most of the time I let myself be bullied into buying him one donut or 4 munchkins. He always chooses the rich chocolate slathered ones or those with colorful sprinkles. Sugar alert, I know. I wanted to feel better about giving into his donut fix so I asked my mother-in-law for her homemade-goodness donut recipe.

Yesterday, LC and I made our pilot run of our very own donut factory.

Here he is mixing the batter with our technologically advanced mixer on a very sosy non-slip mat. ;p

Then he assisted me with the flour.

There were spills. I expected that. No worries for there will be a lot of room for practice. I strongly feel we’ll have a regular donut production in the coming days. 😉

Moving on,

here he was scooping little by little the flour mix into the batter.

After I mixed and kneaded the dough, we left it to rest. Then I kneaded it again and made cut outs to show him. While watching me knead the dough, LC kept saying, “Mama, kalat” everytime I sprinkle flour over the dough. Sigh. OCness pa rin ba ito? I can’t help roll my eyes while explaining to him why I need the extra flour. LOL

Then I let him try to knead the dough as well.

Yes, that’s our state of the art rolling pin. Mind you, it doubles as a circle cutter! ;p

LC and I had a great time cutting the rolled dough using the 85-pesos cute cookie cutter set from Saizen. Gotta really love Saizen (and all those Japan-Japan stores) for their cheap and cute merchandise! 🙂

After cooking the donuts, LC more than obliged to do the sugar and cinnamon shaking.

And of course, he was even more happier to do the product testing! 😀

Delicioso! 🙂

These donuts are the heavy type. It’s not the overly sweet, airy and melt in your mouth donuts. I feel much better giving these to LC since they’re homemade and made with just the basic ingredients. I can control the quantity and type of sugar. And more than that, I’m already thinking of using alternatives and “nutrition enhancers.” 😉 As for the toddler activity factor, I’m thinking of chocolate glaze, peanut butter and cheese toppings to make it more enjoyable Exciting! 🙂

Can’t share our donut recipe. Sorry. But here’s a link to a recipe that claims it’s as good as Krispy Kreme. Enjoy! 🙂


3 thoughts on “LC and The Donut Factory

  1. Looks yum! Are they fried or baked? My girls love donuts too, but the process is too involved for me ;p My husband (he bakes bread from scratch) would be perfect–but he doesn’t approve of donuts 😦

    • I wonder why your hubby doesn’t like them. Maybe because they’re fried like in our recipe? But I just googled baked donut recipes at meron palang baked donuts! Maybe he’ll like to try one of those… 🙂

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