Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle / I want to ride my bike / I want to ride my bicycle / I want to ride it where I like

If LC knew Queen’s Bicycle Race, that must probably be the song playing in his mind when he saw his very own bike.

Yes! We bought him a bike.

I did mention in a previous post that we were undecided on what to get him on December. But seeing the bike offered to us at a measly Php 500(!!!), we couldn’t resist buying it. The bike was in a very good condition. The seat, the handle bars’ rubber padding and (amazingly?!!) the wheels barely show any wear. No evident major dents, scratches and the likes. It feels, looks and weighs it’s made of good quality – not alloy-made ;p but the good heavy kind of quality. So we bought the bike even if there’s no special reason to give the little guy a gift. And we bought the bike even if it was a tad big for him.

LC was sleeping on his car seat when we got the bike. But when he woke up and saw it at the back of our car, his eyes lit up and was smiling from ear to ear. He couldn’t stop talking about it as we went home. He kept saying something along the lines of, “Bike! (LC)’s bike! Home, tapos bike!”

True enough when we got home, riding the bike was the first thing he demanded and did.

It was also the first thing he did after waking up and eating breakfast the next day. The bike had to be taken out of the house though since he wanted it to be visible indoors from where we slept. It was a bit heavy for him, but there’s nothing more important that he couldn’t wait for someone else to take it out. There’s also nothing heavy enough for him who wants to ride the bike.

The night before this, he kept practicing how to mount the bike. The overnight practice was adequate. He can already get on and off the bike all by himself.

And just like the night before, he drives and pedals the bike – LC style – even if it was still big for him. How when he can’t reach and make a full pedal? He back pedals a wee bit. Then he pedals forward with the other foot. This he does repeatedly. It definitely gets him going. He’s able to move from point A to point B and round and round from where he is.

Happiness!!! 🙂

Dearest LC,

Look at you! You look like a big boy here already. We can’t believe you’re just 2 and a half. You sure are growing up to be agile and physically adept. It amazes us. Hopefully we will all go biking together in the future. And running races. And climbing mountains… We are so looking forward to it! 🙂

Papa and Mama


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