The T-Shirt Project

No, I’m not into a sewing project yet. It’s LC. We are teaching him to put on his t-shirt – sando (sleeveless shirt) actually most of the time. This is one of his practical lessons for several weeks now.

So far, he can already get his head and right arm through the right holes. There are still a lot of times he can’t distinguish which parts goes through where but, usually it’s getting his left arm through that challenges him the most. Like in this instance, his head and his left arm are in the same hole.

Sometimes I just watch and wait if he can figure it out by himself. But more often, I have to help him especially when it becomes frustrating for him.

So as much as possible, we give him big-sized shirts to build up his confidence and to continuously encourage him to practice. This is in contrary with what we did with his Short Training where he had greater success with small sized shorts. Hopefully sooner or later, he’ll be dressing up with ease all by himself. Just like in this photo. Keep it up, dearest LC! 🙂


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