A Monster Plate for The Little Picky Monster

LC is still a picky eater. I first blogged about it November last year. Recently, I have resigned that he’s just like the many picky eaters out there. Telling a 2 year old nutrition facts – how veggies and greens will make him brighter, stronger and taller – is like giving him a Stock Market 101. Why did I even insist that LC would hear that kind of reasoning?

So my effort to make him eat healthy is now focused on giving him interestingly plated meals. My first attempt is a cute as a monster plate.

Malunggay omelet triangles for horns, fried rice with carrots, broccoli and more of the omelet for the eyes and nose, and ketchup for that luscious lips.

LC smiled when he saw the plate. He wasn’t ecstatic to wolf down the monster as I hoped but at least it got him interested. Over the course of finishing the meal, I made an effort to make the plate stay monsterific.

LC finished the meal without either of us pleading. He ate the carrots and broccoli without picking or spitting them out. AND he finished the meal in less than an hour! (The length of time he spends eating deserves a separate post.) 🙂

If this is what will make LC eat, hopefully I can sustain the effort to prepare them. The simple monster plate I did consumed considerable time. But maybe I just need to get a hang at this. And maybe soon I’ll be able to make something as beautiful as the bento boxes Anney prepares for her nieces. It’s her Wilton Animal Pals 50 Cutter Set – Bento Challenge post that made me decide to make cute plated meals for LC.

You can see a lot of Anney’s bento creations here and here and here …there’s so much more. At ang gaganda talaga! Hmm… mapapadalas ata ako sa Saizen? ;p BUT whether or not I get to have more stuff to help me make cute plates, I hope I can be creative and patient enough. And more importantly, I really, really hope LC will become less of a picky eater. Good luck to us! 🙂


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