Toddler Tip #18,347

Keep tissue paper out of reach.




Meals Are Served On The Table

LC has already learned that meals are served and are eaten at the dining table ONLY.

He used to go up and down his dining chair as he pleased. He would run around and play during mealtimes. We used to plead endlessly for him to come to the table and take a spoonful.  When that won’t do, we would chase him with food on his spoon or to his fork.  Making him eat, a challenge in itself, was then a balancing act too.

But gone are those days!  Now, he eats and stays on his chair until he’s done with his meal. Most of the time, he even asks for approval if he is clear to go. We no longer run after him. Thus no more food morsels on the floor, and we get to stay on our seats too. Hooray! 🙂

How we did it?  Through consistency and tough love.

Learning that meals are served on the table.

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