33rd Manila International Book Fair


It’s the first day today. I used to go on the first day for the past years, but I came to a decision not to go this time. And probably not at all for the duration of this year’s fair.

I did plan on grabbing only a few books.
1. some worn out Adarna books sold at 10-50 pesos that sell like pancakes, and thus the reason I go on the first hours of the first day
2. Bee Polite – a follow-up of Bee Safe will be launched at the fair
3. The Power of the Praying Parent that may be sold at a discounted price at the OMFLit booth
4. UP Diksyonaryong Filipino and check other titles from university publishing houses
5. some books to start our collection of locally published but non-Adarna and Hiyas/OMFLit children’s books.

But for two very self-conflicting (if there’s such a word) reasons:
1. Hubby argues I should dispose more books before buying more, and
2. I’m not yet comfortable commuting from where we are now (I’ll blog about that soon);

MIBF, I’ll just see you next year. 😉


One thought on “33rd Manila International Book Fair

  1. Aww. Me too. I usually am there on the first day, and on another day. But this year, I will go on Friday, and maybe not even. No budget!!! Waaaah.

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