Parents’ Cut

Because Hubby and I are no barbers. ;p It started when I had that bright idea of trimming LC’s hair myself. Don’t all moms have that creative flair? 😉 My mama and maternal grandma cut my hair when I was a kid. My sister-in-law did it too with my nieces and nephews. So why not do the same? 🙂 Unfortunately, moreso for LC, I did a bad job. 20120910-133449.jpg Sorry LC. Hubby was laughing at me when he saw LC’s new hair do, and was pitiful for LC because he was my unwilling victim. I did not know boy’s hair should be cut near the ears! Mmm… I’ll do better next time… ? 😀 Fortunately, LC was really scheduled to have his head shaven off. He has those rashes again (how do you say bungang araw in english?) from summer heat. But instead of having a professional do the shaving, we thought we’ll just do it ourselves. We borrowed Adorable A’s clipper/razor and Hubby had his turn as the barber. The shave wasn’t perfect, but it will do.

Good news everyone! We now have the Last Airbender with us. 😉 20120910-135053.jpg


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