New Home and More Moving House Tips

We have moved! For the record, it’s our 5th residence in our 4th city (or municipality) in 4 years.

We never planned to familiarize Metro Manila this way. The packing and unpacking we did last year and the previous years feel like just yesterday! But such were the circumstances and how we dealt with them that we came to live in a different place every year.

Note to Hubby and Myself:
Next time we move house, it will be to our permanent home sweet home. Itaga sa bato!!!

We do hope the next move will be to our permanent residence. I won’t mind if it’s next year. Basta last na!


All boxes are packed, we’re ready to go… NOT!  The movers came an hour early and we were not yet done packing!

Moving on (sooo appropriate for my moving posts!?), all the previous packing, organizing and unpacking have not made us experts in the stressful task. There were still things we learned and were reminded of. After all, each and every experience – even if they’re practically the same – is a learning opportunity.

  1. Plastic boxes are brittle, have carrying capacities and are not collapsible. Plastic boxes make great reusable containers, but cool as it may be, it has the aforementioned limitations. Being brittle and fragile, it can not be used for pretend play. And we know a box can be anything and everything to a child’s imagination (I used to play with my niece and we’ve used the box as a house, a ship, a plane… fun!). The plastic’s brittleness also limits its carrying capacity – which can be less than that of a fully packed and secured carton box. One of our plastic boxes gave way when the mover lifted it an inch from the ground. I already knew beforehand it was heavy. But I had to be reminded of their limitation by actually seeing the box shatter.
  2. Have extra carton boxes, containers. In case a box gets damaged, in case it rains something will be used to cover some things, in case the truck’s flooring is dirty or wet and you’re OC, and for whatever OCness.  Actually, you can never have enough boxes for a move.
  3. Have a contingency plan for goods that need to be kept chilled or frozen. The freon in the refrigerator or freezer should be allowed to settle for a day before using the appliance again. Keep the goods in an ice chest and maintain cold temperature, consume or give them away.
  4. Get all installations you made, and which is permissible, in the previous apartment – even the smallest ones. We forgot about the curtain rod hooks and door stoppers. Doesn’t cost much a piece but, the quantity add up to quite a sum. 😦 Finding time to buy them also adds to all the hassle.
  5. Set aside office attire for the coming two to three working days. Organizing the closet in the new place may not be done after the first few days, so make office clothes for the coming working days accessible.
  6. Prepare for handyman concerns.  Loose hinges, busted light bulbs, leaky faucet, door lock changes, drilling for curtain rods, installing a new lighting fixture – those are easy.  What we were not prepared for was the washing machine.  We bought a fully automatic washing machine last year.  We had no issues with it in the previous apartment, but now we do. Due to constricted space, we placed the machine in a room with no water source and drain.  Then we bought loooong tubings for the inlet and the drain to connect it to bathroom.  Our issue now is the adaptor for the faucet.  It either leaks or the hose gets disconnected because of water pressure.  We have tried adjusting the water valves. We already bought a couple of adaptors.  Yet we’re still on the look out for the right solution.

I hope these tips will help prepare someone who will or is moving out of their house. My first set of moving house tips is in this post.  I’ll add more when something pops into mind. But when we move in our real home, and I mean one that we really own and not renting, I will have a separate lengthy post for it – rituals and all. πŸ˜‰

And hello! Welcome to condo-living for us! I still can’t believe we’re in with the lifestyle trend now…


3 thoughts on “New Home and More Moving House Tips

  1. Ohh, you’re moving! Goodluck with the new space and welcome to condo-living! It isn’t the best place to raise a family, but it has its perks! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Khaye! We’re still adjusting to the set-up (and to the new city), but we are enjoying it so far. πŸ™‚
      Wait… You also live in a condo? Do you have a washing machine? How did you go about it? I’d love to know. πŸ˜€

      • Yep, we live in a box! Hahaha. Glad that you’re enjoying it. As I said, it has its perks and I just want to focus on that until we have enough resources for a gated house and a sprawling backyard.. And yup, we do have a washing machine. There’s a tiny utility area in our unit, as in super tiny only the washing machine and the person who’ll do the laundry can fit in it. Haha. We also hang dry our clothes on that area. Sometimes, we air it out at the balcony (oops bawal!) pero mababa lang yung pag-hang para hindi makita from the outside haha. If you don’t have a utility area, I see some units with washing machine on their CR. Whatever works. Ganun talaga pag condo e, para-paraan na lang πŸ™‚

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