Does Your Child Like to be Blogged About?

A post after ten years! Well, not exactly ten years but it sure felt like that. There were earlier attempts to compose an entry but something always pops up and blogging takes the backseat for the nth time.  But the bigger factor as to why I haven’t been updating my blog is because I have these questions that hold me back.

What if C doesn’t like being blogged about?

What if he doesn’t like his pictures posted in the internet for the world to see?

What if he turns out to be a very private person and would not like strangers all over the world reading about him however trivial the posts were?

If you are also a blogging mom and you write about your child(ren), did you have these questions too? Have you asked your child(ren) about these? Do you get their permission to post their photos and stories? I am really curious to read what other blogging moms think and more curious as to what kids actually think about this and how they take in the idea of being blogged about.

C is 4 years old now.  I have not asked him yet or actually even tried asking him. I don’t know if he will understand.  Although I do plan to ask him in a couple of years when I think he can already understand somehow the complexities of social media .

So would I continue blogging about him and hope he’s okay with it? I am actually thinking of just doing the email-diary thing where I can write him(!) anything and whatever about him!  Family and friends can write him too and tell him stories of how he is when he is a wee bit tall or anecdotes when they were together. The idea sounds really nice. It will be very personal and private.

So will I keep this blog alive?  Maybe, since there are still a lot of things in motherhood and family life that I can blog about.  Or maybe I could do a revamp and restart all over? Or totally not at all since I am also struggling to find that passion to blog. Siguro I am just making excuses hence those questions about children and blogging. Dami kong issues! LOL ;P

But in all seriousness, please, I hope someone can share their insights to my questions.

And then in all honesty, this post was brought about by the prodding of Maqui, Erl and Faye. I don’t know if I should thank them or not for bringing me back to blogging life. ;p