Baon Diaries

Our little boy has started school!  Homeschool?  No.  I am still hanging on to that great endeavor but for now, we have enrolled him in the mainstream.  And since he is away from home for a couple of hours, I send him off with some love in a small snack box. Sharing with you the baon (snacks) I have prepared for him since his first day of school.

Day 1: Pandesal with banana and nutella spread + apple cubes


Day 2: Star sandwiches with banana and peanut butter + apple cubes + tri-color fusilli pasta (with tomato and spinach add-ons for the red and green colors)


Day 3:  Star sandwiches with peanut butter and nutella spreads + banana + raisins + tri-color fusilli with Cheezee sauce


Day 4: Heart and star-shaped sandwiches with cheese spread + green and red apple slices


Day 5: Star sandwiches with peanut butter or nutella spreads + tri-color fusilli with attempted homemade carbonara sauce


Day 6:  “House” sandwiches with nutella and peanut butter + slice of red and green apples + slice of papaya


Day 7:  Rabbit fish cakes (from Cold Storage) + green apples + papaya


Day 8: (I forgot to take a picture of this snack box.) Peanut butter and nutella sandwich triangles + indian mangoes + hard-boiled quail egg

Day 9:  Choco crinkles and oatmeal choco cookie (from My Bitter Baker, a deaf-mute baker selling baked stuff for a cause.  Contact #s 02-427-1693 / 0917-532-4543) + banana + cheese


Day 10: Oatmeal choco cookies (from My Bitter Baker) + papayas + banana slices


Day 11:  Red and green apples, papaya, grapes, banana + cheese


Day 12: Rabbit fish cakes + tri-color pasta with strips of carrots and chayote in olive oil sauce + indian mangoes, grapes, green apples


Looking through these photos, I am reminded how nice it is to have a food diary.  I get to review what the little boy has eaten for the past days in school.  It helps me think of other healthy snacks and how to present them.  I am dreaming to make some cute bento snacks and banana-q and turon and champorado and pancit and… The possibilities are endless! … Possibly, if I don’t run out of ideas.  😉  Nevertheless, I am happy preparing our little boy’s baon everyday. And I am happier to see his snack box empty almost all the time these past 12 days. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Baon Diaries

  1. Raki Dinglasan says:

    Sarap naman ng baon…Penge naman kami po 🙂 … Mare, try mo cheese & malunggay omelette, one of Kuya’s fav baon.. 🙂

    • Uy, salamat sa suggestion Mare. 🙂 Panay fruits and peanut butter/nutella sandwich nga itong first weeks’ baon. Ang healthy and super easy to prepare pero ako ang nananawa kakagawa at tingin. Hahaha 😉

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