Scholastic’s Summer 2015 Warehouse Sale

I’m on a mission to beef up the kid’s library with non-fiction books – generally about science and more particularly about the solar system. So when two mommy friends on separate occasions on the same afternoon told me that Scholastic is having a warehouse sale, I could not contain myself. I went to check it out early the next day.

Scholastic Sizzling Summer Sale
March 23 to May 2, 2015
9 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Saturdays
#70 C. Raymundo Avenue, Brgy. Rosario, Pasig City.

scholastic 2015 summer warehouse sale
Upon arriving at their warehouse, there were red tents at the driveway housing neatly arranged books in shelves. These were the books sold for 49 pesos and at 80% off. I took pictures of the shelves to remind myself of the available titles and to share as well, but the pictures were all reddish. Fortunately, Mommy Pehpot has good pictures in her blog post.

(I went back for the second time and the pictures I took of the books under the red tents are better.)


The first thing that caught my attention and my shop basket was this book:


This is a paperback around 10 inches tall and with about 40 fact-filled colored pages.  It was printed back in 1995 and Pluto was still recognized as a planet.  Out-dated info I know but there’s a load of other info in the book still considered as fact.  More importantly, I see it as another opportunity to teach c research skills.

Moving on, there were also these Usborne Young Reading Series all for 49php each:

IMG_20150328_131102 IMG_20150328_131209

The set with Aesop’s Fables are hard covers, while the set with Ulysses are paperbacks.  They are more or less the same size. Nasabi ko na ba na 49 php each sila? Masmura pa kesa Booksale! 😉 There were other titles like Rome, Napoleon, Shakespeare, Macbeth, Hamlet, A Little Princess, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. The classics are condensed and “kiddified” versions. It would have then be nice to introduce c to Shakepeare but I don’t fancy starting with two tragedies. The non-fiction titles on the other hand are not in any way condensed in information. (thumbs up!)


There were also some Magic School Bus paperbacks.  Magic School Bus is a book series which presents science through an adventure.  A lot of my mommy friends have been collecting and buying these from bargain bookshops. I never bothered about them until now that the little boy is into science.  I grabbed all the titles available  on the shelves last Saturday.  All are brand new at 49 pesos – definitely cheaper than what they’re sold for at Booksale!


Two books I found interesting but were not able to make the budget cut were these two:

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors & Scientists: Stephen Hawking IMG_20150328_105031

Thinking about the movie The Theory of Everything and a book to coincide with the Earth Day that day with these two. The retail price for the hardcover Stephen Hawking book was 1260 php.  While the thick, full-color paperback on global warming was 595 php. They were both at 80% off which translates to 252php and 119 php, respectively. Aside from Stephen Hawking, there’s also Marie Curie and Benjamin Franklin from the same book series.

Inside the warehouse were the books at 25% off. From the top of my head there were young adult fiction which includes the Divergent series, two whole shelves and a part of a long table for George and Thea Stilton, some Diary of A Wimpy Kid and…

IMG_20150328_102859 IMG_20150328_102907 IMG_20150328_102847 .IMG_20150417_143623IMG_20150417_145213IMG_20150417_145241

…and more.

If you and your child are into Dr. Seuss and are looking for a compilation of some of his works, this one’s on the shelves. The stories included in this 11-inch tall hardcover are And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, Horton Hatches the Egg, Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Lorax.  Original price is 725 php. At 25% off, it’s down to 543.75 php.  If my favorite sister did not gift c with a similar (but I think better) compilation, I would have gotten this book.

Six by Seuss

If you and your child are looking for books merited with Newberry honor or medal, I saw some in the regular shelves and at the 49-pesos shelves outside. Here’s two of them:


A lot of my friends’ kids are into Geronimo or Thea Stilton. I wondered if c will also enjoy the books as they do, so I bought three to try. Two of course have something to do with his current interest (actually, it’s been for a year now). At 25% off, the regular book is now only 213.75 php and the full graphic novel a.k.a. comics is only 141.75 php.  If your child is devouring these books, buying them brand new from Scholastic’s sales will help your wallet a lot.


I also grabbed this Klutz activity kit to add to the little kid’s space exploration. Retail price of this kit and other Klutz kits is 395 php. With 25% discount, it’s now 296.25 php.

IMG_20150328_131356 IMG_20150328_131506

Here are other non-books available:


There was also a book about constellations and an I Am Sciemce set, but I had to pass for the mean time.

For a minimum accumulated 2000 pesos purchase of books from the shelves outside and inside the warehouse, one gets a pack from this mound:


Each freebie bundle contains books mostly from Grolier. At the time I took that picture, each bundle had 2 books from 1000 Things You Should Know, 2 books from Questions & Answers, 4 Joy Berry books, Clifford’s Book Bank and a cloth book for babies.

My son loves Clifford so he was very happy upon receiving Clifford’s Book Bank. It’s a sturdy cardboard box shaped like a book. It comes with a padlock.

Clifford's Book Bank

Grolier’s Warehouse Sale

At the center of the warehouse-converted-book-shop are the books, manipulatives and educational videos distributed by Grolier.

IMG_20150417_143513IMG_20150417_143522 IMG_20150328_101553
IMG_20150328_102342 IMG_20150328_102332
IMG_20150328_102355 IMG_20150328_102449
IMG_20150328_102508 IMG_20150328_111740IMG_20150417_143412

If you are looking for a book about the beginnings and how the Bible as a book came to be, The Bible: A History is a good one.


We got one from a previous sale and Hubby and I find it an interesting read.  Quoting from the Introduction, “The Bible: A History is not the story of the Bible. You can read that in scripture itself. This is the story of the Bible – of how it came to be, how it survived, and how it changed the world throughout the centuries. It is a remarkable story.”  Check this site for more details.  While here’s a glimpse of the book inside:

a glimpse at some pages of The Bible: A History

If you are looking for books to help your child get into reading or learn reading, Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Fun Reading Program (Clifford Phonics 1-6 in the price list) might be something for your child. It has 6 carry cases with 12 mini booklets each. The program says it’s “Best for beginning readers aged 3 to 6 years old.”

Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Fun Reading Program

We bought ours from Grolier 2013 online sale.  When we got our set, I realized it was not what I expected it to be.  It says “Phonics Fun” and “beginning reader,” but I don’t quite agree especially with the beginner part  I find the program advance for children who are yet to master their CVCs.  Tthese books are better suited for those who are already confident reading CVCs and ready to tackle longer words and digraphs. But if used as a support to another supposedly beginner program, things may work fine.

Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Fun Reading Program

As a beginning reading program per se, I believe this is best for those who are taking the whole language approach and for those who are going for or already have a good grasp of many Dolch sight words.

On the other hand, I have to say c enjoys these books since he was a emerging reader and up to now that he can read on his own.  For one, the big red dog as the main character is a great come on for him and two, he finds it fun to carry around booklets in its carry case. Sometimes he takes one pack with him when we go out and quietly reads the booklets by himself while waiting in line or for food.

Best Deals

Among the ones included in the Grolier sale, the best deals for me will be the Logico Primo and Fun Thinkers. They are on sale now at 1500 php each!


We bought c his Logico Primo 20-volume set a couple of years ago at its regular price from one of Grolier’s pop-up booths in malls.  We got it for around 6500 pesos.  These days it’s a lot more expensive.  The ones available on the warehouse sale now are 10-volume sets sold for a BIG discounted price of 1500 pesos.  They may have divided the 20 volume set into two, but even if you buy both sets it will only cost you 3000 pesos. Masmura pa sa bili namin yearsss ago! Dalawa pa ang playboard. So if there are two pre-schoolers in the family, both can do Logico Primo at the same time. At a school setting with lots of kids, this will also be a better deal. Lugi ata ako. NKKLK! Hahaha!

The Fun Thinkers on sale is also a 10-volume set. This is also a manipulative like Logico Primo. Between Logico Primo and Fun Thinkers, Fun Thinkers is better for me.  There are more exercises on abstract reasoning and math which I prefer. And even with the number tiles alone, some activities can already be formulated for an enriching play.

Here’s our Fun Thinkers 20-volume set. I don’t know which ten of the activity books are included in the set on sale but at only 1500 pesos, it’s still a great bargain for me.

Fun Thinkers 20-volume set

Another good deal is Joy Berry’s Help Me Be Good (HMBG) set of 29 hardcover books for 2000 php. This comes with an audio CD of songs. All are brand new. It’s a better deal as compared to scouring different branches of bargain bookstores for all 29 titles to complete the set.  These are sold for around 65 pesos each  and chances are those will be second hand books with crayon doodles from the previous owner.

Joy Berry's Help Me Be Good

For those who don’t have a HMBG book yet, here’s what an inside spread looks like. One side is text, the other side is a full-page illustration. These pages were taken from A Book About Cheating, About Teasing, About Complaining and About Being A Bad Sport.

An inside look at some Joy Berry's Help Me Be Good books

For me, these are best read with an adult.  It gives a good opportunity for the parent or guardian and child to discuss good behavior and ground rules. To read more about the series, check the Joy Berry site here.

If you are wondering what are the other items in the Grolier sale list, here’s what I know on some of them based on the display last Saturday and on previous sales I bought from:

  • Barney – This is an 18-book set which they say is good for children 2 years and up.
  • Grolier First Children’s Dictionary – We have actually given this several times as a gift but we don’t have a personal copy. These are two big and relatively heavy (for a small child) books.  Sale price has not changed since 2012.
  • Scientific Space Gallery – This is an interactive battery operated plastic table top model of the solar system. When turned on, the machine will ask questions and there are buttons to press answers in. The planets in this model don’t move on their own, but each can be moved manually.
  • Morphun (the one in the picture of the Grolier Warehouse Sale poster with Talking Story Books) is a plastic building set like Lego, but not quite like it.  We also have a set of this. Hindi naman kami suki ano? Pwede na siguro kami maging endorser ng Grolier. 😛 Morphun is somewhat like a cross between Lego Duplo and K’Nex.  There are grooves on the blocks which can make following a building instruction more challenging compared to Lego.  The square Morphun pieces can be stacked with Lego Duplo thus giving a child more creative stimulation and building possibilities.


With a minimum 5000 pesos purchase from Grolier, one gets to take this home for free:


This bigger book bundle has more books from 1000 Things You Need To Know and Help Me Be Good series.  It comes in a red Scholastic cardboard bookcase. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the bookcase at home? 😉

Commuting Directions to Scholastic’s Warehouse

There’s only one group of jeepney that traverses C. Raymundo. These are the ones that ply Pasig Palengke v.v. Cainta (Ever/Junction/Parola), Taytay, Binangonan, etc.

If you are coming from Pasig Palengke, take a jeep going to any of the destinations in Rizal.  These jeepneys take a bit of Mercedes Avenue and then the stretch of C. Raymundo going to Ortigas Extension. When you’re already at C. Raymundo, get off the jeep when you see a Banco De Oro branch and a Caltex station separated by a street – Bernal Street.  The BDO branch is at the ground level of JEMCO Bldg. where the other ground floor tenants are Cake Inspirations (a cake shop) and Siclista Bike Shop.  At the time of this writing there is only one BDO Branch along C. Raymundo and two Caltex Stations. You will see the first Caltex station at your right and then the second and correct Caltex landmark at your left.  From the BDO and Caltex landmark, walk just a few steps farther going to Ortigas and you will see Grolier-Scholastic warehouse.  

On the other hand, if you are coming from Quezon City or Ortigas CBD take the Parola/Cainta/Taytay/Binangonan jeepney bound back to Pasig Palengke at Rosario (Simbahan), or Tramo.  These PUV stops are only about or less than a hundred meters apart from each other and both have an overpass nearby.  From Ortigas Extension, the jeepney will make a right at C. Raymundo (Tramo area).  Get off the jeep when you see a Floor Center and a BDO branch.  The BDO branch is in JEMCO Bldg.

Scholastic’s warehouse gate is right across Floor Center. The Floor Center is beside JEMCO Bldg.  The warehouse gates have a big tarpaulin signage announcing their sale.

Grolier - Scholastic Warehouse gates

Alternatively, a commuter can also take a tricycle at Rosario Palengke (eastbound side of Rosario Bridge along Ortigas Extension) to Scholastic Warehouse in C. Raymundo.

If you are coming from Marikina, take the Pasig-Marikina jeep.  This jeep is also bound to Pasig Palengke but will traverse Dr. Sixto, a street parallel to C. Raymundo.  Get off at Rosario Barangay Hall at Bernal Street then walk the whole length of Bernal or take a tricycle.

Map of Scholastic Warehouse in C. Raymundo, Pasig

The warehouse converted to shop and showroom is at the very back of the compound.

Scholastic Summer 2015 Warehouse Sale

Additional Notes

  • If you are going here for the first time, keep in mind that this is in a warehouse with minimal air circulation. Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Not all books are mint and great condition.
  • Reference books from the Grolier sale were published more than 5 years ago.
  • Check your receipt before leaving the cashier. I failed to do so last Saturday hence I noticed late that not all books reflect the discounted price in their scanner. Buti nalang isang book lang yung I was charged the regular price.
  • Scholastic and Grolier usually have a warehouse sale twice a year. But I have to say Logico and Fun Thinkers are NOT ALWAYS included in the sale. And sometimes when they do, it’s yearsss apart (as with the on-going sale and the previous one) and sometimes it’s the old stock or display copies that they put on sale.
  • Regulars of this sale may find a substantial decrease in promos and in the selection of books. I saw very few books for teachers unlike before.  I was also hoping to see and maybe finally buy some sets from Grolier that I ignored the previous years. Unfortunately for me they were not included.
  • They accept credit card transactions.
  • Don’t forget to bring an eco bag especially if you plan to buy a lot of loose pieces and will be commuting.  The book sets from Grolier however, have boxes of their own. This might be an issue for someone who will buy a lot and still ride a jeep going home.
  • Empty cabs are not so frequent in the area.  Best bet will be hiring a Grab/Easy Taxi or Uber.
  • Again, the sale runs from March 23 to May 23, 2015 at 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays. They are closed on holidays. The warehouse is located at #70 C. Raymundo Avenue, Brgy. Rosario, Pasig City.
  • And again, the venue is a warehouse. It can get really hot and humid and dusty.  There’s a hot and cold water dispenser by the entrance, better to bring your own water container.

I missed some of the titles and series that I have come to normally see in their sales – Rick Riordan’s books, Nancy Drew, Twilight… But Harry Potter will be up for sale this week.  Maybe they are staggering the release of titles throughout the two month-sale.  Maybe there will be more Magic School Bus books and new stuff in the next weeks to come. Maybe… Hopefully…


So that means I have some reasons to check their warehouse sale again. 😉


4/11/2015 updates from mommy friends who went there:
– No more freebie book bundles for 2k and 5k purchases.  They were given only to the first 100 costumers.
– No more Logico Primo Set A (Volumes 1-10). A school hoarded them all. Lucky kids who will be enrolled there 🙂

4/18/2015 updates from my second and my little boy’s first visit:
– Added new photos from our trip.
– No more Help Me Be Good series by Joy Berry.
– Twilight books are at 50% off.
– Bought 3 Magic School Bus books and 2 Usborne books that were not available in my first visit.
– Logico Piccolo and Logico Maximo for older kids can also be bought at the site. But these are at their regular prices.



5 thoughts on “Scholastic’s Summer 2015 Warehouse Sale

  1. Amaris Mallare says:

    Hi! I am Amaris Mallare from Scholastic, I saw your post regarding the erroneous billing on 1 book you purchased. We’d like to check the transaction and do the necessary adjustments. Do you still have your receipt? Kindly let us know the details we can do something about it.

    You may email me the scanned copy of the receipt, the details of the item and transaction date at


  2. ray says:

    1) How can I get on the notification list for a warehouse sale?
    2) If I want to buy Help Me Be Good Series (Hardback, not Paperback by Joy Berry now, where can I order these books online? or do you know where can I get it in a retail store for how much?

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