4 Weeks of Good Food: Conclusion

This is the (super late) 4th and last installment of my journal on getting fresh and organic veggies and fruits from Good Food Co.  As with the previous journals, I’ll begin with the week’s supply.  The content is listed below.  We also got a newsletter.

The newsletter we got. Good Food posted a readable copy in their site. Click the photo to be directed to their post.

  • 10 pcs. saba
  • kalabasa
  • talbos ng kamote
  • chinese kangkong
  • mani
  • mustasa
  • native pechay
  • tomato
  • malunggay
  • red onion
  • gabi
  • kamote
  • bayabas

For our week’s menu, we basically had the same dishes.  Nothing new except the pan-grilled dory which was topped with malunggay pesto and melted cheese.  Hubby and I liked it so much.  LC ate it with gusto.  He loves fish and sometimes munches on cheese for merienda so I’m pretty sure it was a winner for him.

We only committed to 4 weeks with Good Food Co.  We’re no longer one of their stakeholders BUT, Continue reading


Our 3rd Week of Good Food

When the contents of the coming delivery were posted in Good Food’s website, I can’t help feel a bit sad missing the previous salad-ful week.  But I was more than happy to see the variety of veggies.  I was excited about the puso ng saging.  I thought of having Kare-kareng Gulay which will also have eggplants, sitaw and pechay.  The complete contents of the bag were the following:

Puso ng Saging Kilawin by Chef Tatung

Puso ng Saging Kilawin by Chef Tatung

  • 10 pcs. saba
  • 1 puso ng saging
  • squash bunga
  • eggplants
  • chinese pechay
  • sitaw
  • lettuce romaine
  • okra
  • tomato
  • kamote
  • luya
  • sampalok

The veggies always come with a recipe. When Hubby came home with the loot, I was wowed seeing a recipe from Chef Tatung.  We didn’t do a Puso ng Saging Kilawin though.  Not Kare-kareng Gulay as I planned either. Continue reading

Our 2nd Week of Good Food

Our second week’s bag of veggies and fruits from Good Food Co. were full of leafy greens and fruits.  I was out for a racket and I forgot to tell dear Hubby to take a picture of the goodies so I’ll just list what the entire bag contained.  I’m writing them down by memory though.  I can’t find where I place the recipe with list that came with the loot.  I hope I will not miss anything…

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Our First Week of Good Food

We have made a significant step to better health. We’re now “grass-eaters” more than ever, chowing down more vegetables than before. And they’re all organic! 🙂

Two weeks ago I emailed Good Food Co. that my family wants to be one of their stakeholders.  I learned about them from Rowie of Pinoybaby.  Good Food Co. is a group supporting small-scale organic farmers in Capas, Tarlac.

We committed to four weeks of all organic, seasonal and freshly harvested vegetables and fruits. We got our first bag of goodies last Saturday.   As I’ve said in a earlier post, I will make a review-slash-diary of our experience.  Read on to know what went through our weeks with good food from Good Food.  (The Good Food name is so apt for organically good food, don’t you think? 🙂 )

Week 1:  Surprise!

What’s in the bag?  How were they when we got them?  Here’s what we got:

Good Food Goodies and Recipe for August 20, 2011

August 20, 2011 Good Food goodies

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