Scholastic’s Summer 2015 Warehouse Sale

I’m on a mission to beef up the kid’s library with non-fiction books – generally about science and more particularly about the solar system. So when two mommy friends on separate occasions on the same afternoon told me that Scholastic is having a warehouse sale, I could not contain myself. I went to check it out early the next day.

Scholastic Sizzling Summer Sale
March 23 to May 2, 2015
9 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Saturdays
#70 C. Raymundo Avenue, Brgy. Rosario, Pasig City.

scholastic 2015 summer warehouse sale
Upon arriving at their warehouse, there were red tents at the driveway housing neatly arranged books in shelves. These were the books sold for 49 pesos and at 80% off. I took pictures of the shelves to remind myself of the available titles and to share as well, but the pictures were all reddish. Fortunately, Mommy Pehpot has good pictures in her blog post.

(I went back for the second time and the pictures I took of the books under the red tents are better.)


The first thing that caught my attention and my shop basket was this book:


This is a paperback around 10 inches tall and with about 40 fact-filled colored pages.  It was printed back in 1995 and Pluto was still recognized as a planet.  Out-dated info I know but there’s a load of other info in the book still considered as fact.  More importantly, I see it as another opportunity to teach c research skills.

Moving on, there were also these Usborne Young Reading Series all for 49php each:

IMG_20150328_131102 IMG_20150328_131209

The set with Aesop’s Fables are hard covers, while the set with Ulysses are paperbacks.  They are more or less the same size. Nasabi ko na ba na 49 php each sila? Masmura pa kesa Booksale! 😉 There were other titles like Rome, Napoleon, Shakespeare, Macbeth, Hamlet, A Little Princess, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. The classics are condensed and “kiddified” versions. It would have then be nice to introduce c to Shakepeare but I don’t fancy starting with two tragedies. The non-fiction titles on the other hand are not in any way condensed in information. (thumbs up!)


There were also some Magic School Bus paperbacks.  Magic School Bus is a book series which presents science through an adventure.  A lot of my mommy friends have been collecting and buying these from bargain bookshops. I never bothered about them until now that the little boy is into science.  I grabbed all the titles available  on the shelves last Saturday.  All are brand new at 49 pesos – definitely cheaper than what they’re sold for at Booksale!


Two books I found interesting but were not able to make the budget cut were these two: Continue reading

Dr. Seuss' My Many Colored Days p3-4

Teach Children About Feelings: Book Review 2 of 3

After July and The Feelings Book, it took months before I came across another book specially written about feelings.  In a happy pile at Booksale SM Megamall, I found Dr. Seuss’ My Many Colored Days.

Dr. Seuss' My Many Colored Days

Illustrations in the book were paintings done by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.  If the pages were food, I say it’s gourmet-ish picturesque.  It’s a stark contrast from Todd Parr’s stick figures and quirky pages.

Feelings or emotions felt in a day are presented in this book through colors, thus the “colored days.”  It starts off with a normal day of being yellow or blue.  What is yellow?  Is it for happy and carefree days?  What is blue?  Is it always sad or can it be a different feeling?  These questions are surely discussion openers.  Leading questions must be on hand with young children though.

Continue reading

Teach Children About Feelings: Book Review 1 of 3

Children, just like adults, have issues with their feelings.  Babies and toddlers too!   Tantrums, pushing, throwing things, biting and other demeanor may just be a result of them not understanding what they are feeling.  They have yet to know what they are feeling and learn how to process and address these.

For this, I am always on the look-out for books that teach about feelings.  We already have three now:  The Feelings Book, My Many Colored Days and Let My Colors Out.

Let me share with you a little review and some pages of these books starting with our first acquisition. Continue reading

32nd MIBF Loot

My first MIBF experience was last year.  I was there on the first day.  I was so overwhelmed to see book sales and bargains of that magnitude.  I went back on the last day.  Still, I went home frustrated.  I wanted to buy more.  I felt taking home the entire book fair.

This time around, I’m a year wiser.  Still leaves a lot to be wanted, BUT I’m happy.  I did not feel taking home the fair anymore. 😉

One of the reasons I’m happy is because of this:

An autographed book!

Here’s a close-up: Continue reading

Book Loots for July

Let it be known that I love bargain bookstores.  Who wouldn’t?  One can buy at less than half the price from the big bookstores.   Sometimes the books are in excellent condition.  They look good as new.  You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

My and bargain bookstores’ “loving relationship” actually started from a one-way affair back in college.  Used text and reference books for my course were hard to come by even in Recto, but I was always on the look out.  Things took a better turn when I took a diploma course.  Occasionally, I found references for my assignments.  And then when Little Cat was born and I wanted to surround him with books,  I became madly in love. 😉

For last month alone, I was able to check out 5 Booksale branches.  Five!  Plus other bargain stores such as 2 Chapters and Pages stalls and 2 Books for Less branches.

For the record, I did not purposely went out just for them.  Honest! I just made sure that every time I’m out of the house, I’ll pass by the nearest one or two or three. 😀

July was a bountiful month.  I got these to add to our growing library:

Good Night, Gorilla ‘s not a hard to find book but I finally grab one for LC last month.  Good thing I did since LC likes it very much and I find it cute too.

The Feelings Book by Todd Parr is Continue reading