LC’s Prayer Before Meals

One of the major things we want to instill in LC is faith in God.  We’ve been hearing and attending Mass with him since he was half a year old.  We also try to teach him proper discipline when inside the church.  It’s awfully hard (and sad) though, when there are rowdy kids around.

At home, we pray before meals and before going to bed.  Praying before meals has been a longer practice for us.  That’s where we started teaching him about praying.  We even made it fun for him by incorporating some actions to go along with the words.  Then at the end of the prayer, he joins us in saying ‘Amen.’

Occasionally, he punctuates every prayer pause with “Aaaaaaa-men!!!”  It amuses me to think whether he wants us to finish the prayer to get right on the meal (or snack), or he just likes saying Amen.  I hope it’s the latter.  🙂   Continue reading