Hanging Out At The Monkey Bars

The monkey bars in our neighborhood 20120909-135930.jpgis made of six co-centric rings. Four of them each have perpendicular axes. This parent-scary structure is for the enjoyment of all little monkeys in the neighborhood.

Now this little monkey has discovered this adventure.

This little monkey can even go up the level of the third and fourth rings.20120909-140932.jpg

This little monkey is a little sure of himself, and settles at the two lowest levels – much to my relief!

Not surprisingly though, he fell to the ground and bruised his head

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Afternoon Delights And Gym-micks

We can’t afford to send LC to Gymboree or to any toddler play schools.  We also can’t afford to let him loose and make our house his play gym… all the time.  I might end up with multiple seizures everyday.

Good thing we live a couple of blocks away from McDonalds.  On good days, LC and I walk to one of our happy places and give ourselves a treat.  A sundae cone, loads of gym play and social interaction for 10 bucks?  Gymbo can never beat that. 😉

The Ice Cream Monster

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