Book Review: Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong ni Virgilio S. Almario

Now I know why the version of the ant and grasshopper fable by Virgilio S. Almario and published by Adarna House is well recommended by some parents. This book is currently in LC’s activity corner and his most chosen book among the lot so I thought of giving it a review.

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong. Muling isinilaysay ni Virgilio S. Almario. Iginuhit ni Renato Gamos. Inilimbag ng Adarna House

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong. Muling isinilaysay ni Virgilio S. Almario. Iginuhit ni Renato Gamos. Inilimbag ng Adarna House

It starts out just like the other ant and grasshopper stories by describing the two characters.

Ito si masipag na Langgam.

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong ni Virgilio S. Almario mula sa Adarna House

Ito naman si makulit na Tipaklong.

Si Langgam at Si Tipaklong ni Virgilio S. Almario mula sa Adarna House

Then it rains. That’s when the story takes a different twist.

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Emergency Fund, Kits and Other Things

Being confined in the hospital gave me a lot of time to think about some things. Most them emergency related actually.

1. Emergency Fund
It’s an easily accessible fund allotted for emergency purposes such as loss of job, hospitalization and other unforeseen circumstances. This is worth 3 to 6 months of an individual’s or the family’s income or 3 to 6 months of operational expenses. One can read more about emergency fund here: How to Build An Emergency Fund And Why It is Important.

Hubby and I have such a fund. It’s not 3 to 6 months worth but it was enough for the emergencies that have come our way. We first dipped into it when our previous vehicle was fully submerged in the great Ondoy flood. We used some of the fund to rehabilitate the car to a good marketable condition. Then with the recent medical and health related expenses, we dipped in the fund again.

We haven’t replenished it ever since. I don’t actually have an idea yet how we’ll do it soonest in our current financial condition. If another emergency comes up, I’m not confident if we can still manage financially. I pray we wouldn’t be caught in another unpleasant surprise before we’ve put this fund to a healthier state.

2. Health Insurance
I have an octogenarian Lola (grandma). Since her “coming of age,” Lola had been going through routine maintenance check-ups to different medical specialists for her heart, bones and vision. Her doctors’ consultation fees were 3K, 5K and 6K.  And they steadily increase periodically.  She visits her doctors twice a year with up to date medical tests every time. There’s also her maintenance meds. Everything adds to quite a sum. And it doesn’t include the cost for unforeseen medical concerns yet. In the past, this included her hospitalization due to enlarged heart and slipping on a cemented walkway. Continue reading

SAHM Thinks Business

I was one of those who braved the throngs and traffic last weekend sale.   However, I was not in Megamall for the sale.  I was there to book a wedding supplier for a friend.  After booking the supplier, I got myself to the other trade hall exhibit.

It was by Kabuhayang Swak na Swak .  Being a stay-at-home-mom looking for ways to contribute to the family income, I was pleased to roam around and check the booths.  Exhibitors were small to medium enterprises, franchises for food kiosks and multi-level marketing outfits.

Boardwalk was there and I was talked into joining.  No membership fee.  Members get a considerably big discount so it will probably be for personal use, but then… Manang, my father’s househelp, told me a neighbor’s help sometimes purchases up to Php15,000.  Also, the other neighbors’ househelp regularly purchase something from the neighborhood dealer.  I shelled out Php100 for the catalog and gave it to Manang, my father’s househelp, to market.   Maybe I should be a Natasha, Dakki and Avon dealer too.   Hmm…

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On Saving And Becoming Millionaires

Hubby shared a great news as soon as he got home last night.   He attended a town hall and learned Citibank will formally launch a new savings product next week.   As he told me more about it, I got excited as he was.  To share with you the excitement, here are some quick details on the new savings account:

Rethink banking with Citibank

  • Php 50,000 minimum initial deposit
  • 3.5% interest per annum. (3.5%!)
  • Php 5,000 minimum monthly required deposit (forced savings is better than none at all)
  • financial planning assistance from a Personal Banker (!!!)
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