The Way of the Cross and Visita Iglesia in Rizal

Aside from celebrating Easter, two other things we did as a family last Holy Week was Visita Iglesia and praying the Way of the Cross.  It was our second time to do Visita and Stations of the Cross at the churches we visited.  The first time was with c’s Ninang E back in 2012.  We drove through the provinces of Rizal and Laguna and prayed in some of their beautiful and historical churches.  It was inspiring to see how the faithful have devotedly built and maintained a place of worship for the Lord.  This year we went on the same path, but we limited ourselves to three churches in Rizal.  In that way we had more reflection time at the churches rather than on the road. Here were the churches we visited:

  Our Lady of The Holy Rosary Parish of Cardona, Rizal

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Cardona, Rizal

St. Jerome Parish Church of Morong, Rizal

St. Jerome Parish Church in Morong, Rizal

St. Joseph Parish Church of Baras, Rizal

St. Joseph Parish Church in Baras, Rizal In preparation for this year’s trip Hubby and I dug into our memory banks for the churches we went to last time.  Unfortunately, Continue reading


Prayer Before Meals

In response to MyMommyology‘s latest post and to my dear sister’s long-standing request since I posted LC’s mealtime prayer, here is our little guy with our prayer before meals.

Sorry for my clumsy amateur hands.  Will try harder getting a better video. Will post when I already have one.

Transcription:  God is great.  Thank you for the food.  Amen.  (Makes the Sign of the Cross) Amen.

There’s supposed to be a ‘God is good’ at the start.  He already memorized the short prayer at 22 months.  Now after 4 months, he made it even shorter.  Oh well… And it’s not a spontaneous prayer but…  Still cute if I may say! 🙂

LC’s Prayer Before Meals

One of the major things we want to instill in LC is faith in God.  We’ve been hearing and attending Mass with him since he was half a year old.  We also try to teach him proper discipline when inside the church.  It’s awfully hard (and sad) though, when there are rowdy kids around.

At home, we pray before meals and before going to bed.  Praying before meals has been a longer practice for us.  That’s where we started teaching him about praying.  We even made it fun for him by incorporating some actions to go along with the words.  Then at the end of the prayer, he joins us in saying ‘Amen.’

Occasionally, he punctuates every prayer pause with “Aaaaaaa-men!!!”  It amuses me to think whether he wants us to finish the prayer to get right on the meal (or snack), or he just likes saying Amen.  I hope it’s the latter.  🙂   Continue reading