Meet Our Superdad

Let my first post for the year be a tribute to our very own superdad – Daddy Papa Cat! 🙂

All dad’s are super in their own way.  As the characters in Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan’s Meet My Superdad shared, a dad can be an Invisible Dad, a Super Quiet Dad, a Super Scary Dad, and a real super dad.

The main character in the book believes his dad is super in its truest sense because his dad talks and plays with him and his siblings a lot,

makes time for the family,

makes his mom feel extra special, and knows how to say sorry.

The book’s superdad also saves a lost puppy and makes grilled cheese sandwich and mango shake.  At the end of the story, all kids in the book agree that the dad is a super dad.

This book is my and Little Cat’s all time favorite.  We love every bit about the superdad because our very own is a lot like him.  AND MORE. Continue reading