Dr. Seuss' My Many Colored Days p3-4

Teach Children About Feelings: Book Review 2 of 3

After July and The Feelings Book, it took months before I came across another book specially written about feelings.  In a happy pile at Booksale SM Megamall, I found Dr. Seuss’ My Many Colored Days.

Dr. Seuss' My Many Colored Days

Illustrations in the book were paintings done by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.  If the pages were food, I say it’s gourmet-ish picturesque.  It’s a stark contrast from Todd Parr’s stick figures and quirky pages.

Feelings or emotions felt in a day are presented in this book through colors, thus the “colored days.”  It starts off with a normal day of being yellow or blue.  What is yellow?  Is it for happy and carefree days?  What is blue?  Is it always sad or can it be a different feeling?  These questions are surely discussion openers.  Leading questions must be on hand with young children though.

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Teach Children About Feelings: Book Review 1 of 3

Children, just like adults, have issues with their feelings.  Babies and toddlers too!   Tantrums, pushing, throwing things, biting and other demeanor may just be a result of them not understanding what they are feeling.  They have yet to know what they are feeling and learn how to process and address these.

For this, I am always on the look-out for books that teach about feelings.  We already have three now:  The Feelings Book, My Many Colored Days and Let My Colors Out.

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Tall And Short

We were playing with his building blocks the other night.  LC can already link and stack them up pretty nice.  While watching him at it, I realized it’s a good opportunity to teach him about tall and short.

Tall and Short

We have Dr. Seuss’ Silly Opposites A Flip-The-Flap Bookwhere tall and short was included among other opposite pairs, but of course I can’t miss on a good opportunity to follow through with what he’s learning from books.   In this activity, he was quickly able to identify which ones were tall and which were short.  He can also say tall! 🙂

5-A-Day Books Trial Run

5-A-Day Books: Trial Run

When we moved in our new apartment, I needed to give LC something which he can touch base to among all the changes happening around him.  His books and toys were then among the first things Hubby and I put in order.

LC's corner in the Sala

LC's corner in the Sala

Reading is one of LC’s favorite activities so I thought we’d do 5-A-Day Books.  I was thinking he’d find some normalcy with it.  The activity will also push me to read to him everyday even if there’s a lot to do.

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Playdate: Green Eggs and Caterpillars

Daddy Papa Cat booked a Satur-date with Daddies B and M to watch Kobe, Durant, CP3 and Derrick Rose play against PBA All Stars at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Instinctively we wives, me, Mommy E and Mommy J, scheduled a date too.  A structured playdate for Little Cat, Beautiful E (turning 3yo) and Adorable M (18mo) to be exact. 🙂

Come last Saturday, everyone had a great time.  The daddies said watching the game was so worth it.  We mommies and kids on the other hand enjoyed our date too that we can’t wait for the next one.   Mommy J and Adorable M were not able to come though.  We missed them so much!  Hoping next time they’ll be able to come and we’ll all enjoy the activities so much more.

And so for the playdate, we had:

  • Free play
  • Pack away
  • Circle Time – We adapted and sang the same songs we sing on our regular playdates with Mommy R and Little A.  Turns out Beautiful E likes the Clean Up (for the pack away) and Make a Circle songs too.  (I’ll make a post about the songs we use next time.)
  • Story Time – The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • 1st Activity – Arts.  We painted caterpillars using paper cups and fork as paint brush.  Little Cat was holding, squeezing and biting the paper cups but when it touched the paint, he didn’t want to touch them again.  But to my relief, Continue reading