Teach Children About Feelings: Book Review 1 of 3

Children, just like adults, have issues with their feelings.  Babies and toddlers too!   Tantrums, pushing, throwing things, biting and other demeanor may just be a result of them not understanding what they are feeling.  They have yet to know what they are feeling and learn how to process and address these.

For this, I am always on the look-out for books that teach about feelings.  We already have three now:  The Feelings Book, My Many Colored Days and Let My Colors Out.

Let me share with you a little review and some pages of these books starting with our first acquisition. Continue reading


Prepping Up For The Biggest Book Fair

I’m saving my book allowance for this:

32nd Manila International Book Fair

Scholastics, Adarna House, OMFLit, Lampara Publishing, Shepherd’s House Publishing, WS Pacific and a whole lot of other publishers and printers in the country with sales and promos to boot are housed in this annual fair.    Continue reading