Bag of goods from Emporium Antipolo

Trial Run with Emporium Antipolo’s Organic Produce

We had a good experience with Good Food Co. but as planned from the beginning, we will try other suppliers to see which and what set-up best suits our household. So after our trial with Good Food, we went on with Emporium Antipolo.

Emporium Antipolo was next in our shortlist because of the following:

  • they do deliveries
  • there’s no commitment for succeeding orders
  • with respect to our location, they’re the nearest supplier I know, and
  • one can choose among the available produce what and how much of each to order. One can order by bunch, pieces or by weight.

Minimum purchase is worth Php 600. Delivery charge is Php 50. Deliveries are on Saturdays and Sundays.

Here was our first bag of goodies from Emporium Antipolo:

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