These Toys Are Also For Boys

So I got some ‘It’s for girls’ comments in varying tones with regards to LC’s toy kitchen. Hubby included. But I’m happy he supported me on the decision knowing I have very good reasons for having one.

Little Cat is just like any little boy. He’s all over the house exploring, running around, climbing everywhere, reaching out and tinkering whatever his hands can get hold of. One of the things that sets him apart, or probably makes him more like any other kid, is his affinity to the kitchen and the mess he can make in there. He likes being in the kitchen. And that’s even before we got our own place. I took that as a cue to get him his own play set. Grounded on the belief that a toy kitchen – and some other “girly toys” – are just as beneficial to little boys, I went for it.

But what really are my reasons for getting one? Here they are:

1. to hone fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and other things;

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