Making Room for Reading

I have purged Little CAT’s book collection. It may be contradictory for the purpose, but I did it to get LC back to reading again and to reading new books.

When LC was born, I envisioned him growing up to love reading and learning. So at 5 months old we started reading him books regularly. We read to him several times and at anytime of the day. We read to him animatedly, with voice intonations, hand gestures and that kind of pizzaz. He embraced and loved the experience. A lot of times he’d wake up, pick a book by our bedside and demands to be read to even if Hubby and I were still sleeping. Afternoons would come past with us reading books the whole while. Evenings were a struggle between reading the same book for the nth time and finally sleeping. It was me and hubby who used to give up from all the reading. I blogged once about our “reading marathons” here.

Seeing how LC has come to love reading was very encouraging for us. So from 3 books gifted to him since he was born, his collection grew.

Book collection by the bedside

And grew.

As LC collection of books grew, we moved them to their own proper place.

And grew even more.

This was LC’s corner when we were newly settled in our apartment. Books occupied most of the bookshelves lain on their sides and stacked upon the other.

There are more of his books in a separate storage, but the ones in these pictures are the ones he has ready access. Most of the books stored were books he has outgrown and books reserved when he’s old enough to appreciate them.

I have to admit that for a time, I was already hoarding. One apparent instance was when I came home from last year’s Manila International Book Fair.

The mere sight and feel of books gave me pleasure. There’s also a part of me that felt I was in some sort of the-child-with-the-biggest-personal-library competition. I felt having a lot of books will prove something. Something like, “Look here! My very young child is sooo into books.” Or something like, “Baseline for a young book reader? That will be my son.”

Well, modesty aside it could have been true for us in the beginning. BUT unfortunately, it came to a point when it was all just for a show.

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The Multi-Purpose Biscuit Container

When our little one started teething, biscuits became a grocery staple.  At first we bought them by packs.  Then we went for the ones in big plastic tubs.  We never bought small packs since then.

We currently have four empty bins.  I stuck white sticker paper on them and viola! looks more not-biscuit-container.

We now use them for a number of purposes:  Continue reading