Grasshopper on my basil

The CAT, The Grasshopper and The Basil

Gardens, even potted ones, are always good to have.  It can provide those impromptu and large as life science lessons to a child like our Little Cat.

There’s this grasshopper I see everyday on my outdoor plants.  I point it out to LC most of the time.  He usually tries to pick it up and of course the hopper hops away.  It’s amusing to watch his curious eyes every time.   Continue reading


Herbal Nightmare

My lemon basil, sweet basil, oregano (and kangkong) in the haus

My lemon basil, sweet basil, oregano (and kangkong) in the haus

Worms were crawling on my basil plants!  WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Good thing it was just a dream.  But it got me more worried.  You see, I bought lemon basil and sweet basil two weeks ago.  I asked the seller some pointers on taking care of them.  I even asked if they need some special soil.  When I transferred them into a pot, I just added soil from my father’s backyard.  I wasn’t confident about it so I googled a bit.  Turned out they ‘don’t like their feet wet.’  They, basil and other herbs, are sun worshipers and want well-draining soil.  The soil I added in the pot were not exactly well-draining.  😦

So I was worried.  So worried I even dreamed about them.  When rains started pouring the past days, I placed them in the house.  Now my problem is my lemon basil is dying.  But maybe she just needs some sunshine?

Mr. Sun, show up PLEASE!!!!