5-A-Day Books Trial Run

5-A-Day Books: Trial Run

When we moved in our new apartment, I needed to give LC something which he can touch base to among all the changes happening around him.  His books and toys were then among the first things Hubby and I put in order.

LC's corner in the Sala

LC's corner in the Sala

Reading is one of LC’s favorite activities so I thought we’d do 5-A-Day Books.  I was thinking he’d find some normalcy with it.  The activity will also push me to read to him everyday even if there’s a lot to do.

I found it tricky choosing which five to start on.  I had to consider that  Continue reading


Five-a-Day Books

Our Kumareng Mommy E and Kumpareng Daddy B has been very instrumental in our pursuit to expose Little Cat to the wonderful world of books and reading.  Once they gave their beautiful daughter E bookshelves on her 1st birthday.  It inspired me and Hubby to build Little Cat his own library.  On E’s 2nd birthday, they gave away Eric Carle lapbooks as souvenirs.  That was when we were introduced to Eric Carle and when we first held one of his books – From Head to Toe.  Prior to that they gave us Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon to welcome Little Cat on his birth, and a children’s book of prayers when he was baptized.  Little Cat’s collection of books started from those two.

Then last Monday, Mommy E mentioned about them starting the 5-a-Day Books with E.  I was minding something else that time that I did not bother asking her what it was.  I just assumed it was reading 5 books everyday.

Getting books from his bookshelf

Little Cat getting a book from his bookshelf. This was taken five months ago. Now his books are overflowing and envading my bookshelf.

We read to Little Cat at any time of the day and as often as we could since he was 5 months old.  He grew to like books and reading so much that I can say he’s one voracious reader now.  Often it’s us who plead not to read another book.  So I knew without doubt that reading five books and a lot more everyday will be as easy as a pie.  Today, I consciously counted how many books we were able to read.  Here’s what we had for the day: Continue reading