Mama’s Little Helper – Laundry Assistant

Back in February, I posted about LC helping me get the dry clothes from the clothesline.  The past weeks, LC has been more involved in the laundry department.  He helps me hang the washed clothes to dry,

and gather them the next day.  (His pincer grasp has already improved! 🙂 )

Sometimes, he also helps me fold the clothes. 🙂



Mama’s Little Helper – Sitaw Cutter

I don’t mind if the cuts are uneven.

Seeing him enjoy cutting sitaw (long beans) makes up for it. 😉


But how I wish the joy he has with cutting sitaw translates to him actually eating them…
UPDATE (July 2014): Our little boy now happily eats sitaw, baguio beans and pechay too! 🙂

My OC Toddler

I love how LC can keep himself clean. Most of the time, he can eat ice cream without getting any of it on his face and hands. If he does, he’ll wipe himself with napkin or ask assistance to wash them off.

But sometimes, I hate how particularly clean he wants himself to be. Sometimes I wish he is that regular i-love-getting-dirty kid. You see, he doesn’t like paint, glue and icky stuff on his skin. He wants to wash them off upon seeing even a teeny-weeny touch his skin.

Back then I was very excited and pumped up to give him paint, clay and all those artsy stuff. Then slowly I went from “Look LC! Wow! Let’s paint!!! Let’s mold clay!!!” to “O sige, crayons nalang ulit…” Why? It’s because everytime we do something with paint and glue, our activity will be welcomed with a blank face (or was it fear?) and then heavily peppered with “Mama, wash!” and “Dirty!!!”

Then there were times when we were in the outdoor playground. He would suddenly run and pick up trash with his bare hands and then throw them in the garbage bin. I know it’s the litterbugs I really have to hate, but still… Fortunately (unfortunately rather!), we haven’t been going to an outdoor playground anymore.

Recently, I am reminded how he loves to clean his surroundings. Continue reading

Mama’s Little Helper – Kaalalay sa Sinampay

Another domestic activity which I enjoy doing with our little boy is getting dry clothes from the clothes’ line. One or two at a time, I fold the clothes in two and hand them down to LC. He then carries them inside the house and puts them on the sofa. We do this repeatedly until all clothes are in.

It takes a while to get all clothes in the house but, it doesn’t matter. This is one very productive activity for BOTH of us. 🙂

Yesterday after all the clothes were finally on the sofa for sorting and folding, he hang around and continued to help me. One by one he pulled the socks off the sipit. Here’s a picture of him in action. The photo’s very low res. You could hardly make out what he’s really doing, but I’m posting it still for documentation and reminder for me…

We need to work on his pincer grasp!


Mama’s Little Helper – Setting the Table

For five times on four consecutive days, our almost 2-year-old son has helped me set the table.

We start with the place mats, then we move on to the plates, spoons and fork. I give them piece by piece while saying whose it is. Papa’s plate, Mama’s plate, LC’s plate, Mama’s spoon, LC’s spoon…

It’s been a mess and a stress when he usually “helps” me but in this case, he’s a little helper in the truest sense of it. A real proud mama here! 🙂

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