New Home and More Moving House Tips

We have moved! For the record, it’s our 5th residence in our 4th city (or municipality) in 4 years.

We never planned to familiarize Metro Manila this way. The packing and unpacking we did last year and the previous years feel like just yesterday! But such were the circumstances and how we dealt with them that we came to live in a different place every year.

Note to Hubby and Myself:
Next time we move house, it will be to our permanent home sweet home. Itaga sa bato!!!

We do hope the next move will be to our permanent residence. I won’t mind if it’s next year. Basta last na!


All boxes are packed, we’re ready to go… NOT!  The movers came an hour early and we were not yet done packing!

Moving on (sooo appropriate for my moving posts!?), all the previous packing, organizing and unpacking have not made us experts in the stressful task. There were still things we learned and were reminded of. After all, each and every experience – even if they’re practically the same – is a learning opportunity.

  1. Plastic boxes are brittle, have carrying capacities and are not collapsible. Plastic boxes make great reusable containers, but cool as it may be, Continue reading

Bigger Change and Moving Tips

Starting a new blog is a welcome change for me.  It’s like (word)pressing the refresh button and breathing life anew.  If you’re guessing I was blogging in another platform before, well, you’re right.  So this really makes me a newbie again. 😉  But my having a new blog is so trivial compared to other things in life.  There are bigger changes up ahead for me and my family.

Hubby and I were living on our own when we got married.  Then we had Little Cat.  Little Cat’s nurturing and upbringing is our priority so being a stay-at-home-mom was a decision Hubby and I both wanted.  Our decision came with financial issues of course.  Moving in to my father’s house was a convenient solution.  Very convenient in fact since my father has a househelp.  I don’t have to stress myself with juggling household chores and attending to little cat anymore.  We made the move 5 months after Little Cat’s birth.  It was so relieving for me!

Fourteen months after,  Hubby and I decided to move again.  Dearest Hubs got promoted at work few months back and we think (and calculated a lot of times!) we can be on our own again.  We still can’t afford to hire a nanny or househelp though, so I will be back to the juggling act.  With an active toddler now!  But after weighing all pros and cons we can think of, we decided moving on our own place is better – if not best – for our family. Continue reading