Mama’s Little Helper – Sitaw Cutter

I don’t mind if the cuts are uneven.

Seeing him enjoy cutting sitaw (long beans) makes up for it. 😉


But how I wish the joy he has with cutting sitaw translates to him actually eating them…
UPDATE (July 2014): Our little boy now happily eats sitaw, baguio beans and pechay too! 🙂


The Multi-Purpose Biscuit Container

When our little one started teething, biscuits became a grocery staple.  At first we bought them by packs.  Then we went for the ones in big plastic tubs.  We never bought small packs since then.

We currently have four empty bins.  I stuck white sticker paper on them and viola! looks more not-biscuit-container.

We now use them for a number of purposes:  Continue reading